Laser cutting and metal forming

Laser cutting and metal forming
RPRZ offers laser cutting of metal. Laser cutting of sheet metal is performed on advanced high-capacity equipment. Metal cutting is one of the basic processes at the plant.
RPRZ has been performing laser cutting since 2002.

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TRUMPF brand equipment
18 laser machines
Maximum table size is 2,000 x 4,000 mm
Maximum laser power is 6 kW
Production precision is H14 h14
Maximum thickness of the processed metal:
  • 25 mm for carbon steel
  • 15 mm for stainless steel
  • 15 mm for aluminium
Customized laser cutting is on demand all over Russia. Laser cutting and metal forming is popular among customers from Rostov-on-Don, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

Laser cutting has long ceased to be exotic, laser cutting of metal significantly reduces the production costs of small batches of metal parts.

Universal bending forming naturally complements laser metal cutting.
21 machines
3,060 mm maximum bending length
Up to 20 mm thickness
230 ton-force maximum force

The following information should be sent to the development department to calculate the actual cost of laser metal cutting:
  • Part drawings, preferably in PDF
  • Mathematical (3D) model, if possible. Preferably, in DXF
  • Number of parts
  • Desired production time
Advantages of laser metal cutting at RPRZ:
  1. Large stock of laser equipment allows for processing of multiple orders simultaneously.
  2. Qualified process and production personnel. Equipment adjustment is carried out promptly, the material is used in the most efficient manner, thus reducing costs.
  3. High precision of the produced parts.
  4. Advanced software for optimal use of material when cutting to reduce costs.


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